The Precision Mission

Precision Erection Company, Inc. and its associates strive to design, manage and erect landmarks for the future by “Building for Excellence”.

We endeavor to exceed our client’s expectations through quality of service, teamwork and innovation.

The cornerstone of our commitment is based upon the safety and prosperity of our organization and associates.

Core Values

Continuous Customer Focus

  • Strive to exceed our client’s expectations
  • Constantly assess client satisfaction
  • Treat every one we touch as a customer

Relentless Drive for Improvement

  • Strive to do the assigned task right the first time
  • Sharing of knowledge with each other
  • Continually fine tune all processes and systems
  • Instill quality in everything we do


  • Encourage a team concept that eliminates barriers and promotes an understanding and respect of each other’s role
  • Support a cooperative exchange of communications among all associates
  • Strive to develop partnering relationships
  • Instill pride and a sense of shared ownership in our work

Commitment to Safety

  • A safe construction environment is top priority
  • Provide leadership and training to educate all associates
  • A cooperative attitude towards safety is the responsibility of everyone
  • Recognize and reward associates for abiding established safety goals

Effective Management

  • Create a culture that promotes our vision
  • Responsible leadership is required at all levels
  • Stimulate the management process for improvement through open communications and win/win solutions

Respect for our people

  • Trust and respect fellow associates’ qualities
  • Encourage and act upon constructive feedback
  • Promote personal development and professional, ethical behavior
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards work

Sharing our Successes

  • Encourage and recognize superior performance
  • Celebrate quality with our associates and partners
  • Exhibit continuous loyalty to our values
  • Share the rewards of our collective successes

Precision Erection Company, Inc. recognizes the importance of a stringent safety program so that we can ensure that each project site is a safe environment for our associates, our clients, the community and the project team. Our safety awareness and performance records for the past 30 years have remained outstanding. We continuously raise the bar to exceed current industry standards in safety. To remain at the forefront, Precision continues to provide our highly skilled associates with the most up to date safety training programs available. Precision Erection Company believes that a successful safety program is a team effort that requires an attitude of continuous improvement each day. Safety First!

EMR is based upon the number of worker’s compensation claims that are filed by a particular company, with 1.00 being the baseline. Precision has maintained a better than average EMR for 20 years.

Experience Modification Rate:

Year   |   Rate

2017  —   .72
2018  —   .94
2019   —   .86
2020  —  .80
2021  —  .68
2022  —  .80
2023   –   .78
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Josh Branscum

Josh Branscum


Stephen Branscum

Stephen Branscum

Founder / CEO

Dale Meece

Dale Meece

Vice President of Operations

Landon Satterly

Landon Satterly

Project Manager